Stevie D Discusses Buckcherry, Josh Todd & The Conflict and More

Stevie D from Buckcherry recently made a post on the bands official Facebook confirming that Buckcherry has parted ways with guitarist Keith Nelson and drummer Xavier Muriel. I had the opportunity to speak with Stevie yesterday about this and the new album from Josh Todd & The Conflict, which is he is also a part of. Josh Todd & The Conflict recently signed a deal with Sony/Century Media Records and will be releasing their debut album titled “Year Of The Tiger” this September. Stevie also speaks about his love for photography, and more! Enjoy!


LRI: Hey Stevie! Thanks for taking the time to talk to me.

Stevie: Hey!! You’re welcome.

LRI: A lot of things have been going on with Buckcherry recently with the announcement that Keith and X are out. What lead to that?

Stevie: Yes! We already had some shows booked between now and the end of the year. A couple months ago, I got a call from Josh saying that Keith is not going to be playing those shows. Then I got an email from X saying he wasn’t going to be joining us for those shows either. So as to why, you are probably going to have to ask them. So, what I had to do was find a couple guys to do the shows. ‘Josh Todd & The Conflict’ was already going on, so I just asked Sean Winchester if he would be interested in learning 90 minutes of Buckcherry songs (laughs) because his drums are already set up in the studio. For guitar, we could have asked anybody, but what I wanted to do was get a guy in there that I knew that we could already get along with and be comfortable with. So, we asked our long time, dear friend Kevin Roentgen. He was in a band back in the day signed to Elektra Records, a band called “Soul,” and later on after that he was in another band on the Wind Up Records label called ‘American Pearl.’ He’s been carrying the rock and roll torch here in Los Angeles for years and years. We all go back a long way. Myself, Kelly, Josh, and Kevin all used to drink together back in the early 90’s. So it just made sense for us to ask him to lend a helping hand.